Fire Safety Public Service Announcements Developed for College Students

Through a new initiative, sponsored by commercial and industrial property insurer FM Global, University of Maryland’s Fire Protection Engineering Department is reaching out to an important but often overlooked population—college students—about the importance of fire safety on campus.
As part of their department’s mission and in service to the campus community, students from the FPE Department worked with FM Global to produce a series of public service announcement (PSA) videos to educate students about fire safety in the residential living environment. These videos provide the fire safety message through student interviews and narratives, and the format is designed to engage students in thinking about the problem and educate them about common misconceptions in fire safety.
Three separate PSAs were created covering fire prevention, fire response, and fire technology.  The fire prevention video ( focuses on what students can do and be aware of to prevent fires from starting. The fire response video ( explains how to react in the event of a fire emergency. The fire technology video (, which is geared to the higher education risk management community, presents the benefits of sprinklers using engineering-oriented demonstrations at the University of Maryland and at the FM Global Research Campus.
These important PSAs are available for use on your campus free of charge. If you have questions about University of Maryland’s Fire Protection Engineering Department or its fire protection public service campaign, please visit or contact Dr. Andre Marshall at

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