FireTEC Makes Promotional Video

Sometimes it can be hard to concisely describe the wide variety of work and research that go on in FireTEC lab. In light of this, some of the FireTEC staff have created a promotional video highlighting the many capabilities of the lab and show some footage of activities going on in the lab on a day to day basis. Check out this first hand look of FireTEC work below!


FireTEC Launches New Website

FireTEC has launched a brand new website design! The new website features explanations of standardized tests with content that will be continually updated. FireTEC is committed to supporting the educational aspect of its lab and will eventually include video demonstrations and explanations of each standard test.

Here at the blog, we will continue to post lab activities and events. Look forward to our summer updates once a week!


What is flashover anyway?

The students in Prof. Stoliarov’s ENFP620 Fire Dynamics Laboratory class performed an impressive flashover experiment to find out for themselves.

The students designed a small room (1.8 m X 1.5 m X 1.5 m) along with state-of-the-art fire instrumentation, which included a load cell (for burning rate), velocity probes (for ventilation rate), heat flux gauges, thermocouples, a computer-based data acquisition system, and lots of cameras! They placed steel pans (0.3 m – 0.5 m dia) in the center of the room filled with heptane (0.6 L – 1.8 L).

We saw clear indications of flashover where the fire behavior transitioned from the ‘fire-in-room condition’ to the ‘room-on-fire condition’. Take a look at the photos and video below. The students measured a steep increase in the fuel burning rate when the room temperatures rose in excess of 600 deg. C corresponding to flashover transition.

Now we know!

Maryland Day

We are preparing for our annual Maryland Day (Saturday April 28, 2012) fire demos. We will demonstrate the ever popular Fire Tornado in the Fire Lab on the 3rd floor of the J.M. Patterson building. We will also conduct bench scale fire demos in the Koffel Laboratory. Please follow coverage on WUSA beginning Friday ( Many thanks to Prof. Peter Sunderland and all of the student volunteers for their efforts organizing the fire demos for Maryland Day. This is great outreach!!!

Take a look at our video below from the event!

Welcome to FireTEC

Thanks for visiting the FireTEC Blog. Here you will find interesting stories and updates on activities in the world-class fire laboratories at the University of Maryland. Our laboratory activities range from simple demonstrations of fire phenomena to cutting-edge government funded research. We look forward to sharing our excitement about Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland and receiving your feedback.